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  • How long do I have to respond to an invitation to an interview? 

You have 48 hours. If neither the company nor the SPOT team have received your response to an interview invitation within 48 hours, your application will not be considered for that semester.

  • What happens if I miss an interview? 

The only valid reason to miss an interview is an emergency, and you will be asked to present a justification as soon as possible by contacting . If you miss a second interview without presenting valid evidence of an emergency, your profile may be deactivated.

  • Why am I asked to rank my interviews? 

Ranking your interviews helps the SPOT team to know why our internship preferences. This information ensures efficiency and maximizes the probability of you obtaining your preferred position..

  • After making an application, How long may I have to wait before being called for an interview?

Up to three weeks

  • After making an application, will I be notified if I am not called for an interview? 

Only selected candidates will be contacted. Thus if you have not been called for an interview within three weeks, this means that your application has not been retained.

  • I had an interview and I would like to follow up with the supervisor. Can I get in touch with her/him to send a thank you letter and follow-up? 

No, you will not be able to contact supervisors directly. This to prevent supervisors becoming overloaded with communications. However, you can always send the thank you letter and any other follow-up communications to and we will manage them appropriately.

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